The North Dakota Turkey Federation is a group where North Dakota turkey producers can come together, network and learn about the latest turkey production practices.

Turkey is a nutritious, low-calorie, low-cholesterol, economical food source that is taking its place in the American diet year round. No longer is the turkey just for Thanksgiving and other holidays. The American consumer has been quick to recognize turkey as the nutritional and economic bargain it is. Today consumers are able to buy turkey in many forms, from the traditional whole bird to the new products appearing as ham, bologna, salami, pastrami, bacon, breakfast sausage, hot dogs, and ground turkey to name a few.

Because advances in turkey production, processing, and marketing has made turkey available year round, the North Dakota Turkey Federation has made this web site to try to answer some of the most often asked questions.

Commonly Asked Questions about NDTF:

Q. How many turkeys are raised in North Dakota?

A. North Dakota raises 1.1 million birds per year.

Q. How many turkey growers are there in North Dakota.

A. There are 10 turkey producers in North Dakota.

Q. Where are turkeys from North Dakota processed?

A. Because there is not a processing plant in North Dakota, most birds are sent to Minnesota and South Dakota for processing.

Q. What is the North Dakota Turkey Federation.

A. The North Dakota Turkey Federation (NDTF) is an organization of the turkey producers of North Dakota.Tthe main objective of the NDTF is the promotion of turkey and turkey products. The NDTF also assists producers in finding solutions to problems that may arise. The NDTF is funded by turkey producers through a check off. When a turkey is processed a small amount of money is withheld from the sale price and sent to the North Dakota State Agriculture Department to be put in the NDTF fund.

Q. How does the NDTF promote turkey?

A. The NDTF promotes turkey by having educational material, recipes, and nutritional information brochures available upon request from the public. The NDTF also does advertising through the print media, radio, and the Internet.